Peterson Farms Wins Top Producer of the Year 2015

From left Bill, Albert, Bernard and David Peterson

Farming runs very deep in the Peterson family. Looking into their ancestry shows a farmer in the family for 13 consecutive generations. But while passion for farming is strong, the current Petersons have taken their legacy to a whole new level….and a new kind of market.

The farm is a partnership between three brothers and a son: David, Bernard, Bill and his son Albert, who came back to the farm in 2001. Its Albert’s great grandfather, John, who started the idea of bottling and delivering milk in glass bottles in the Bluegrass State. Today the farm doesn’t produce milk in bottles, but it does help produce another liquid in bottles.

Eleven children and 55 grandchildren later, the farm is a modern day success story. Its core values include being stewards of the land, building trusting partnerships, honesty, fairness, reliability and teamwork. Today, Peterson Farms operates 15,000 acres across seven counties, growing corn, soybeans, wheat and canola and maintaining a double digit return on equity.

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