Peterson Farms Employees have these qualities

Honest, Dedicated, Hardworking

Respectful & Compassionate

Quest for Knowledge  & Self Improvement

Passionate for what we do and Enjoy Our Work

Continuously develop our resources, (people, land, soil water)

Foster a Team Environment that promotes Achievement and Excellence

Promote a Safe Workplace at all times

* * *
Stewards of the Land – Whether owned or rented, the land we farm is continuously improved and conserved with an eye toward long-term production and value creation.

Peterson Farms Job Opportunities

Click on job to view description.  To apply for the below positions fill out APPLICATION and then e-mail  the completed application.

Crop Production Team Member

Farm Equipment Mechanic

Crop Scout Internship 2021

Field Operations Internship 2021

Grain Facilities Assistant

Kentucky Heritage Hemp Co. Job Opportunities   

Our sister company, Kentucky Heritage Hemp is a leading provider of USDA certified 100% organic cannabidiol, or CBD, oil. The most exacting health and wellness brands in the marketplace purchase CBD oil and distillate from Kentucky Heritage Hemp because they want to deliver products with consistently high quality, full-spectrum CBD. As with Peterson Farms, the Kentucky Heritage Hemp team follows values and disciplines which assure excellence. Although Kentucky Heritage Hemp is currently fully staffed, check back with us for fresh job postings, or send expressions of particular interest to