Another Integris Advanced Grain Management Success Story…

For five generations Bernard Peterson and family have tackled everything from dairy farming to hogs to cattle. Today, Peterson specializes in grain, farming 7,500 acres in Loretto, KY with his 2 brothers and 1 nephew.
For nearly 20 years the Peterson’s have been providing wheat to Maker’s Mark Distillery, located just up the road . With 90% of their grain being sold to the bourbon industry, Peterson’s chief concern is quality.

News & Info 1Bernard Peterson and Kevin Smith toast the finished product
“It goes back to what an old farmer told me 30 years ago, thereabout. He said you can always sell quality…And that’s our belief. Our customers, we try to provide them what they need and the quality they desire. And we’ve been able to maintain the relationships we fostered.”

And that’s good for Maker’s Mark VP of Operations and Master Distiller, Kevin Smith. After 22 years in the bourbon industry, Kevin knows quality is key,

“It’s everything. And it comes down to that with Maker’s Mark because we have one batch, one recipe, one mash, so that if the ingredients that come into the distillery are sub-quality in any way I can’t do anything more with it than build off of that…if there’s anything wrong with it [the grain] it’s going to affect the downstream product.”

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