Peterson Farms Employees have these qualities

Honest, Dedicated, Hardworking

Respectful & Compassionate

Quest for Knowledge  & Self Improvement

Passionate for what we do and Enjoy Our Work

Continuously develop our resources, (people, land, soil water)

Foster a Team Environment that promotes Achievement and Excellence

Promote a Safe Workplace at all times

* * *
Stewards of the Land – Whether owned or rented, the land we farm is continuously improved and conserved with an eye toward long-term production and value creation.

Job Opportunities

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Job Types

Accounts Payable Clerk

View Job Description for Accounts Payable Clerk

        Mechanic – POSITION FILLED

         View Job Description for Mechanic Job Description

       Machinery Operator – POSITION FILLED

View Job Description for Machinery Operator

Crop Scout Internship 2017 – POSITION FILLED

Crop Scout Internship 2017

Field Operations Internship 2017 – POSITION FILLED

Field Operations Internship 2017

Field Operations Technician 

View Job Description for Field Operations Technician

Crop Production Team Member

View Job Description for Crop Production Team Member


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